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4.9 Stars - Based on User Reviews
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5 Stars - Based on 10 User Reviews
Amanda S. Avatar

Was treated with kindness and respect from the moment I walked in. All the testing I had done was explained... MORE

Amanda S. 7/25/2019
Charlotte J. Avatar

I was treated with extreme care and Dr. Faubus, Megan and Chen Chen were very gentle and kind. They would... MORE

Charlotte J. 7/23/2019
Tricia B. Avatar

Upon arrival to the time I left the staff and doctor were extremely nice and very caring about how I... MORE

Tricia B. 7/16/2019
Charlotte J. Avatar

I was treated with extreme care and Dr. Faubus, Megan and Chen Chen were very gentle and kind. They would... MORE

Charlotte J. 7/03/2019
Meg Z. Avatar

From the time we walked in the institute ever one was so friendly and helpful. We felt like we were... MORE

Meg Z. 6/21/2019
Raymond M. Avatar

The very won't be disappointed. A solid 5 star rating.

Raymond M. 5/23/2019
Saravana K. Avatar

Wonderful facility and great patient care. Dr. Gans is very knowledgeable and thorough. Thank you Dr. Gans. Sincerely, Dr.K.

Saravana K. 5/20/2019
Byron W. Avatar

I was referred by my ENT. I had severe inner ear crystal displacement, and went for my testing, and... MORE

Byron W. 5/17/2019
Valerie G. Avatar

A very relaxing atmosphere with the patient as their main concern. I was treated like a delicate flower.

Valerie G. 4/25/2019
Linda H. Avatar

The Dr that did my testing was excellent. Very nice ,professional and enjoyable to be with.
Thanks again.

Linda H. 4/23/2019
Linda H. Avatar

The Dr that did my testing was excellent. Very nice ,professional and enjoyable to be with.
Thanks again.

Linda H. 4/19/2019
Agnes M. Avatar

I had been suffering from vertigo for 2 months.. I was skeptical when I went in but I came out... MORE

Agnes M. 2/23/2019
Joseph S. Avatar

The 2 doc gals were excellent made you relaxed and did a complete of the... MORE

Joseph S. 2/21/2019
A G. Avatar

Had a fabulous experience. They are so knowledgeable and helpful. They cured my vertigo that I had in both of... MORE

A G. 2/14/2019
Robert C. Avatar

Absolutely great experience! The Technician cleaned my hearing aids, showed me how to replace the wax guards, removed wax from... MORE

Robert C. 1/24/2019
Michael W. Avatar

Most professional, knowledgeable, thorough staff I have encountered in the medical field. As a patient, have been treated with respect... MORE

Michael W. 1/23/2019
Charles J. Avatar

Had a hearing test done. Quick, efficient, professional and provided great advice. Excellent atmosphere and staff!

Charles J. 1/16/2019
Lisa N. Avatar

From the minute I walked in I felt compassion. They take the best care of you from the time you... MORE

Lisa N. 12/22/2018
Frank P. Avatar

I had a great experience at American Institute of Balance! They are very thorough and explain everything you're going through!... MORE

Frank P. 11/17/2018
Arinda C. Avatar

I was greatly helped & the Dr & staff were outstanding.

Arinda C. 11/01/2018
Sandie P. Avatar

Met with a very knowledgeable Doctor and tested for my balance issues. I appreciate that she walked be through every... MORE

Sandie P. 11/01/2018
Linda G. Avatar

The technician was so wonderful, handled my husband with such compassion and and care. Haven’t seen this kind of care... MORE

Linda G. 10/31/2018
Paula D. Avatar

It is hard to find a business worthy of 5 stars, but this one is one of those places. ABI... MORE

Paula D. 10/31/2018
A G. Avatar

Had a fabulous experience. They are so knowledgeable and helpful. They cured my vertigo that I had in both of... MORE

A G. 9/19/2018
Julie H. Avatar

The staff at AIB (Largo location) were friendly, explained every procedure, and took the time to answer my questions. I... MORE

Julie H. 9/06/2018
Julie H. Avatar

The staff at AIB (Largo location) were friendly, explained every procedure, and took the time to answer my questions. I... MORE

Julie H. 8/31/2018
Jeanette B. Avatar

I was treated with very professional care..
The doctors were very attentive..and did their best to find the problems I am...

Jeanette B. 8/09/2018
John R. Avatar

Treat is quick, painless, noninvasive and most of all it results in a positive outcoming. Highly recommended.

John R. 7/27/2018
Richard M. Avatar

Highly recommended. The care was professional and empathetic. The staff was friendly. The doctors are extremely well versed in their... MORE

Richard M. 7/17/2018
David R. Avatar

I love this place!! Great Drs and staff. I never felt better after my first treatment and will probably never... MORE

David R. 6/10/2018
Rose M. Avatar

Had a very thorough exam of eyes and ears and overall balance to determine cause of bouts of dizziness. All... MORE

Rose M. 4/16/2018
Moriah H. Avatar

Loved coming to the vestibular rehab certification course for my second time! The presentation has changed and I observed much... MORE

Moriah H. 4/13/2018
Bonnie Fuller Avatar

I can’t say enough nice things about the balance Institute. I have been very sick with vertigo for months and... MORE

Bonnie Fuller 4/12/2018
Molly S. Avatar

I took the vestibular rehab course this past weekend and learned so much! Since being back in the clinic I... MORE

Molly S. 4/11/2018
Cory S. Avatar

I had the opportunity to attend a Vestibular Rehab Certification course offered by AIB in the Pittsburgh area and was... MORE

Cory S. 4/08/2018
Laurie C. Avatar

The Vestibular Rehab certification is one of the best courses I have ever taken. Instructors are excellent! Course organization and... MORE

Laurie C. 4/08/2018
Nancy James Avatar

The American Institute of Balance is very professional, compassionate, and life changing! I’m 68 years young and normally very active.... MORE

Nancy James 4/06/2018
Julie Cain Avatar

Dr. Sumerson and his staff were very thorough and informative. They did my hearing test on the spot after my... MORE

Julie Cain 3/27/2018
Diane Corna Avatar

Very comfortable setting. Staff very nice and knowledgeable.

Diane Corna 3/17/2018
Chrissy L. Avatar

The doctors and staff at AIB are not only knowledgeable and professional but also among the kindest and most compassionate... MORE

Chrissy L. 3/01/2018
Michelle Stevens Avatar

Really know what they are doing!

Michelle Stevens 2/20/2018
Jim Ward Avatar

Highly recommend . First class establishment . Shout out to Joe at Largo location.

Jim Ward 2/15/2018
Guadalupe Owen Avatar

As always, very satisfied. Thank you

Guadalupe Owen 2/15/2018
Linda Hubbard-Slicer Avatar

Wonderful resident who took care of me.

Linda Hubbard-Slicer 2/12/2018
Tracey Vuksich Avatar

Very informative. The staff took time to explain all we did. Joe was great. If I ever need... MORE

Tracey Vuksich 2/08/2018
Tammy G. Avatar

Had to go back to complete balance testing and they were so caring and empathetic. I wouldve never made it... MORE

Tammy G. 2/08/2018
Margo Spoerl Avatar

Wish I would have gone sooner! I lived with my vertigo for 2 years, one session at The Institute of... MORE

Margo Spoerl 1/25/2018
Jackie Wilson Avatar

Everyone was courteous and Helpful and very knowledgeable. I would recommend them. I feel Like with all the test they... MORE

Jackie Wilson 1/22/2018
Dan Graves Avatar

Experienced knowledgeable technician, great visit.

Dan Graves 1/20/2018
Byron Russell Avatar

A very comprehensive and thorough testing and evaluation performed by a very competent and personable staff.

Byron Russell 12/20/2017
Eileen Fisher Avatar

Knowledgeable doctors to work with, and it went smoothly. They explained everything that they were doing so I was aware... MORE

Eileen Fisher 12/17/2017
Ozzie Hite Avatar

Very pleased. Timely. Staff was professional and my situation was well treated . i am very pleased.

Ozzie Hite 12/15/2017
Quinn William Avatar

The audiologist and the staff are amazing. I had a retreat experience. I would recommend this office to anyone.

Quinn William 12/14/2017
Vicki McCracken Avatar

The staff were all friendly and cared about me and my needs. They explained everything. The Largo location is highly... MORE

Vicki McCracken 12/12/2017
J. J. OConnor Avatar

My journey started with feeling dizzy. After a quick stop in a local urgent care facility, I was provided with... MORE

J. J. OConnor 11/22/2017
Lynne Currey Avatar

I have been a patient of the American Institute of balance for about a year-and-a-half I had terrible vertigo and... MORE

Lynne Currey 11/20/2017
JJ O. Avatar

Amazing. I had no idea what to expect. My experience was absolutely delightful. The doctors and technicians are true professionals.... MORE

JJ O. 11/14/2017
Rowena D. Avatar

It's absolutely fantastic course. This is my second time attending. They piloted a joint Vestibular and Concussion Certification course which... MORE

Rowena D. 11/09/2017
Randy Vallee Avatar

I have suffered with Virtigo for many years. I used to think it was an inner ear infection only because... MORE

Randy Vallee 10/28/2017
Jeanne Grogan Avatar

Most impressive. There was little waiting, the offices were very clean and the doctors were personable and professional.

Jeanne Grogan 10/25/2017
Shirley F. Avatar

5 star rating Very professional explained everything well and kept me informed of what would take place. Conference at the end explained what... MORE

Shirley F. 10/25/2017
Andrew Paxton Avatar

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your kindness and helping me with my vertigo and for... MORE

Andrew Paxton 10/24/2017

Exceptional performance by entire crew. Never thought something like this was even possible. I was greatly impressed. Thanks ever so... MORE

Dave k Avatar

Received great evaluation from excellent staff

Dave k 10/12/2017
Paula Farris Avatar

They made me feel comfortable and helped me find the problem and a plan to fix it. Thank you.

Paula Farris 10/05/2017
Margaret West Avatar

I cannot express the relief I feel afterI have experienced the Institute's quick and expert analysis of my balance and... MORE

Margaret West 10/02/2017
Dawn Pinkevich Avatar

I have been a repeat offender, as they call me for several years. The staff is very caring and understanding.From... MORE

Dawn Pinkevich 9/25/2017
Erwin Andersen Avatar

Why are so many people afraid to believe that there may be a better way to stop your dizziness by... MORE

Erwin Andersen 8/28/2017
Kathy Amyx Avatar

They were very knowledgeable and really helped me understand what was ailing me. I highly recommend if you are having... MORE

Kathy Amyx 8/19/2017
tammie soto Avatar

I was referred to American institute of balance from my dr because I was having dizziness and balance problems. The... MORE

tammie soto 8/02/2017
Jane Brookhouse Avatar

My initial appointment & follow up appointment with Dr Unger at The American Institute of Balance was excellent! The extensive... MORE

Jane Brookhouse 7/22/2017
Rob Parker Avatar

Short wait...very professional and was made to feel very comfortable...time did not seem to be an issue with the Doctors... MORE

Rob Parker 6/27/2017
Saad Doss Avatar

I received great and professional attention from the medical team. I was surprised with the detailed tests and specialized equipment... MORE

Saad Doss 6/23/2017
Tiffany Q. Avatar

After just the first day I learned so much that I know I will be able to apply to my... MORE

Tiffany Q. 6/16/2017
Norman Ferguson Avatar

EXCELLENT!!!!!!.......As usual........

Norman Ferguson 4/26/2017
Dee F. Avatar

5 star rating The NP and residents have been fabulous. Two hours of thorough testing confirmed what I thought was causing the vertigo.... MORE

Dee F. 4/18/2017
Patti O. Avatar

5 star rating It was very easy to book an appointment here.  I was not kept waiting long after arriving for my appointment.... MORE

Patti O. 3/31/2017
Brendan Sullivan Avatar

A great place to learn about all things vestibular.

Brendan Sullivan 4/23/2015