Professional Consultations include:

  • Curriculum Development

Faculty educators at AIB possess a significant amount of experience with formal curricular development.  If you are interested in assistance with putting together programs that lead to certifications or accreditations, please contact us for ideas!

  • Curriculum Outcomes Assessment

AIB has spent many years assessing and modifying its own educational programs based upon feedback from course participants.  Our experience has allowed us to help others implement efficient ways to measure the success of their own programs.

  • Expert reports, testimony


Members of AIB’s faculty and clinical staff have expertise in reviewing cases that are being reviewed by insurance companies, employers, and lawyers.  If you need advice on a particular case you can consult with our experts.

  • Risk Management Assessment

Planning ahead and avoiding unnecessary adverse circumstances is essential in today’s healthcare arena. AIB faculty specialize in assessing environments, policies, protocols, and all other factors that contribute to safe healthcare environments.

  • Clinical Practice Assessment

AIB clinicians specialize clinical practice development and growth.  Learn more about our Partners in Balance Program and other initiatives that can assist your clinical practice.