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Management of Concussion for Nurses Certification Workshop

$395.00 Course and Materials
Jeff Konin Jeff Konin, PhD, PT, ATC, FACSM, FNATA
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Program Description

This comprehensive 1-day (5 hour) course focuses on the management of a sport-related concussion for the scope of the practicing nurse.  Topics include an overview of a “concussion team approach” focusing on the role of the nurse, anatomy & physiology of the brain, currently used symptomatic grading criteria, acute assessment tools for triage decision-making, International standards of care.  This course will place a heavy emphasis on “return to learn” and “return to sport” strategies including, but not limited to, necessary classroom accommodations, education and communication tools for teachers and coaches, and the critical role that the nurse plays in a school setting.


Target Audience:

Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses

*AIB Certification does not supersede an individual’s professional scope of practice as determined by their governing professional Association, Society or State License.

 Course Objectives


  • Identify the societal impact on sport concussion
  • Define a sport concussion and the relevant anatomy and pathophysiology
  • List the signs and symptoms associated with a concussion
  • Recognize evidence-based methods to triage a suspected concussion
  • Discuss the role of the nurse within the scope of practice of managing a concussion and how to recognize red flags
  • Highlight the role of the school nurse in serving as an important team member for communication with parents, teachers, and other stakeholders
  • Describe ways to minimize risk and educate others