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Concussion & Cannabis: Is there a place?

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Jeff Konin Jeff Konin, PhD, PT, ATC, FACSM, FNATA
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Program Description

This is a 7.0 hour course, the first and only of its kind, will introduce the healthcare provider to the trending discussion of the possible role of cannabis with post-concussion symptoms. The curriculum will define a concussion and identify the most common signs and symptoms exhibited by patients who have sustained a concussion.  The curriculum will also review the history of cannabis worldwide from the 2700 B.C. days to the current status of medical and recreational legalization.  Common terminology of various forms of cannabis will be discussed, and the benefits and risks associated with THC and CBD will be explored. Topics such as dosage, access, scope of practice, current research, and future challenges will be addressed.

Target Audience:

All healthcare providers and caretakers of individuals who have an interest in the role of cannabis and post-concussion.

*AIB Certification does not supersede an individual’s professional scope of practice as determined by their governing professional Association, Society or State License.

 Course Objectives

  • Review the world-wide history of cannabis from the earliest centuries to the current state
  • Differentiate between THC and CBD
  • Examine the anatomy and physiology of the brain following a concussion
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms associated with a concussion
  • Compare and contrast benefits and risks of cannabis and its potential role with concussion management