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March practioner Courtnie Sparks


Courtnie Sparks, DPT

Courtnie is a Physical Therapist at OrthoVirginia in Lynchburg Virginia where she has been practicing in an outpatient orthopedic clinic for nine years.  Courtnie attended both undergraduate and graduate school at Shenandaoh University in Winchester, VA, where she completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2008.  

“Since October 2013, I have specialized in treating Post-Concussion Syndrome as well as Vestibular Disorders such as Positional Vertigo. Initially I utilized a specialized approach for evaluation and treatment of patients with Concussions and Vestibular Dysfunction which included medical history, balance and vestibular assessment along with a thorough musculoskeletal assessment.  Since participating in both the Concussion and Vestibular Certification Programs at AIB, I utilize a more comprehensive approach with the addition of a cognitive component – attention divided tasks.  Immediately, I was able to implement the flash cards provided by the course to facilitate integration of this very important cognitive activity.  My patients and I recognized a significant improvement in their ability to function with less headache complaints throughout their daily routines almost immediately.  This course has allowed me to progress activities based on the individual needs of each patient ranging from high level athletes returning to sport as well as the fall risk population I see frequently.  I have also been able to share this information with my co-workers to improve overall motor learning in neurologically impaired patients.  This course is essential for anyone currently treating post concussive symptoms or vestibular dysfunction and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is involved in patient care.”