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Concussions in wheelchair users – are you prepared to properly assess?

The mainstream professional literature has an abundance of published research on balance and posture assessment and rehabilitation following a concussion. A quick search of PubMed yields some 300 thousand plus articles! However, when you add the term “wheelchair” to a similar search, the yield becomes less than a half dozen. Do individuals in wheelchairs experience concussions? Of course they do! In 2014 Wessels et al published a study in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation whereby they tracked 263 Read More

Concussion Management: Does marijuana play a role?

Recently more and more questions have arisen regarding the use of marijuana as a rehabilitation intervention following a concussion.  For example, some patients may ask if marijuana can help rid symptoms of headaches, inability to sleep, or anxiety.   Other patients might say they are regular legal users of marijuana, and wonder if they should increase their intake medicinally, or if they should refrain from their normal daily usage while recovering from a concussion. These are all extremely relevant questions that Read More

CDC Releases New Guidelines for Pediatric Concussion

This is an exciting time to post the first concussion blog! It seems like the more we know about concussion the less we actually really know – at least in the sense of remaining unanswered questions. This week, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released new clinical recommendations for treating children who have a suspected concussion.   How we manage children with an actively developing brain that has sustained a mild brain injury has been one of the more specific areas Read More