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AIB has partnered with these leading manufacturers to bring you special pricing & discounts, value-added benefits, specialized training, and much more.  In order to take advantage of all these benefits, please contact Joe Sakumura, AuD, CCC-A at 800-245-6442 or  Send Us a Message

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Click on the vendors below to access to their website, but be sure to contact us to help answer your questions and to facilitate your orders.

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Affordable EEG and QEEG Assessment and Neurofeedback Software

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Balanceback™ currently develops and markets point-of-care devices for the diagnosis, treatment and management of balance disorders.


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Biodex’s Physical Medicine Technology offers technology products that will assist in:

  • Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning
  • Balance and Mobility
  • Sports Injury Risk Management
  • Neurological Involvement
  • Wellness

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The DIFRA VNG Modules offer complete Oculographic analysis that is easy to administer and comfortable for the patient.

We offer the choice between our handheld ABR/OAE screener called Neuro-Audio Screener and the ABR/OAE system called the Neuro-Audio. The Neuro-Audio can be equipped with any one or a combination of software modules. This will make up a fully integrated system for OAE and ABR.


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Hearing and Balance Equipment

We offer a fully comprehensive product range for measurement and diagnosis within hearing and balance, all designed with user interfaces to make it easy to perform sophisticated and accurate diagnostic measurements.

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ISEN-Goggles is an innovative apparatus which can display eye movement and waveform on a head-mounted LCD, helping clinical technicians observe patient’s eye movement.  It is widely used in audiology and neurology to analyze and diagnose nystagmus, especially for BPPV.

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Micromedical Technologies designs and manufactures instrumentation for the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness and balance disorders.

  • VisualEyes™ VNG – Video Nystagmography
  • Head Impulse Testing / Active Head Rotation
  • Rotational Chairs
  • Caloric Irrigators
  • Video Goggles

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The NeuroCom product line offers state-of-the-art solutions in a broad spectrum of medical disciplines, and sets the industry standard in the development of computerized systems for the assessment and treatment of balance and mobility disorders.

  • EquiTest Systems
  • Balance Master Systems
  • Clinical Research Systems (CRS)
  • inVision System

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Senmetric LLC
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The SenSen Balance Assessment Platform is designed specifically with this in mind. Pair it with any of the balance programs to gain insightful, cost-effective, and in-depth information on patients’ progress.

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Comprehensive Solutions for the Treatment of Balance Disorders, Dizziness, Travel Sickness, Scroll Syndrome, Visual Vertigo …

From the Visual input. The fruit of 10 years of Research & Development* on immersive 3D solutions.

Unique expertise, combined with many scientific partnerships.

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Taycor Financial
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