FAVE 1.2

Vestibular Rehabilitation Certification Workshop (3-day Program)

$895.00 $795.00$895.00 Course and Materials
Richard E. Gans, Ph.D Sara Jagger, Au.D Darren Kurtzer, Au.D.
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Program Description:

This three-day certification workshop presents rehabilitation and therapy protocols to manage identifiable vestibular and balance system disorders, including cortical and labyrinthine concussion. The content is evidence based to ensure therapists and clinicians produce excellent outcomes.


  • An overview of vestibular anatomy and physiology
  • Understanding sensory integration of equilibrium
  • Disorders affecting vestibular function
  • Cortical and Labyrinthine Concussion Differentiation
  • Interactive Concussion Management Strategies
  • Extensive training materials for therapy programs
  • Neurophysiology of Central Compensation 
  • VRT protocols: adaptation, habituation, and substitution for patient-centered therapy
  • Pyschogenic factors affecting VRT outcomes
  • BPPV diagnosis & treatment – Canalith Repositioning Maneuvers with manual training