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Therapy & Evaluation Materials

  • AIB Balance Performance Foam (includes Gans Sensory Organization Performance Test)

    The AIB Balance Performance Foam has been standardized in patients  from 3 to 79 years of age and to a weight maximum of 350 lbs (159 kg). The dimensions allow testing for even tall patients with a widened base of support.  May be used for standardized Clinical Test of Sensory Integration of Balance (CTSIB) or therapy purposes. [Full Details]



  • AIB Computerized Dynamic Visual Acuity Test (CDVAT) – Digital Download

    The CDVAT provides an easily administered test that requires no special equipment other than to be run on a computer. It can be run on multiple desktops or a laptop unit for portability in clinic or patient bedside. The test will evaluate the presence of oscillopsia with horizontal and vertical volitional head movement. There is a built-in 2 cps metronome to ensure accuracy of head movement. The test may be used for diagnostic evaluation and pre and post Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy outcome measures. [Full Details]


  • AIB Prueba de Agudeza Visual Dinamica (Descarga Digital)

    AIB Dynamic Visual Acuity Test (Digital Download - en Español) [Full Details]