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Featured Practitioner of the Month – August 2017

Dimitri Cosmios, PT, DPT, CSCS Dimitri is the president of Broward Manual Rehab since he opened it’s doors in 2004. He has over 15 years of clinical experience in orthopedics, sports therapy, injury prevention and post-operative. He attended both the Vestibular Rehabilitation Certification Workshop and in the same month, the Concussion Certification Workshop. This is what he has to say about AIB’s Certification Programs: “As part of an ever changing healthcare reimbursement environment, we business owners have to evolve constantly! Balance deficits, be it BPPV, Menieres’s, labyrinth concussions have been briefly mentioned in our curriculum as PT’s.  Therefore, a decision to attend an AIB (American Institute of Balance) Seminar and pursue a certification has been amazingly rewarding.  In a period of Read More

The American Institute of Balance International Vestibular Medicine & Audiology Fellowship

  Leading the World in Vestibular & Equilibrium Education       In association with the world’s leading hospitals, medical centers and Ministries of Health, The AIB is pleased to offer a 6-month fellowship onsite at the Institute’s main facility and Learning Center in Largo Florida, USA. Candidates with an interest in the diagnostic and non-surgical management of balance disorders in children and adults may apply from the following specialties of: Otolaryngology (ENT), Neurology, Physical Medicine, Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy), and Audiology. Applicants should have appropriate earned degrees and credentialing in their disciplines from their respective countries and societies. Clinical experience includes: 1. VideoNystagmography (VNG) 2. Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER) 3. Electrocochleography (ECoG) 4. Rotary Chair 5. Video Head Impulse Read More


FEATURED PRACTITIONER OF THE MONTH (July 2017) David Factor, PT, DPT   “I’m a doctor of physical therapy in St. Louis, Missouri who is passionate about restoring my patients to optimal function using the best scientific research available.  My background is in sports medicine and orthopedics and I am a specialist in treating spine injuries.  I also just became AIB-VR certified.   I founded a new clinic in which our outcomes are substantially better than the national average.   The American Institute of Balance is an excellent place to learn and grow as a clinician.  Their staff is intelligent, friendly and very experienced.   The information presented is clear, concise and evidence based.  As a healthcare provider and patient advocate I plan on using my training in Read More

JULY is Herbal/Prescription Interaction Awareness Month

Herbal medicine is expanding in popularity for its “all natural” label. While many herbal medications do work to treat a number of conditions, it’s important to understand that “all natural” doesn’t always translate to safe – and this is particularly the case for people who are taking prescription drugs, as well. Social media allows users to stay informed, engage with peers on professional issues, share the benefits balance with patients, and more.

Pivot Physical Therapy, new Partners in Balance

Our faculty trained 60 Pivot Physical Therapy Physicians in Newport News, Virginia June 3 -4. Pivot Therapists from 7 states became AIB VR Certified. We look forward to you joining our worldwide Partners in Balance alliance! Join the growing number of Physical Therapy companies that host a private, Vestibular Rehabilitation Certification workshop.