Corporate Affiliation

The AIB Corporate Affiliate Network is an international network of AIB trained and certified physicians, audiologists and physical therapists. These practitioners have earned degrees within their designated specialties, taken approved AIB workshops and courses and have successfully completed a certification examination. Through this international network, AIB and it’s affiliated specialists have helped thousands of patients with vestibular and balance problems throughout the world. The AIB Affiliate Network has been developed in response to the overwhelming need for a branded national network of vestibular and equilibrium service providers.  Separate yourself from the competition and distinguish your practice as an expert in the growing niche of Vestibular and Equilibrium services provider.

Once Certification is attained by an individual, AIB provides the opportunity for the institution they are employed with to become part of the AIB Affiliate Network. 

Affiliation Advantages

  • Increased Revenue: establish and foster your practice’s success in this specialty healthcare niche.
  • Brand Identity: : Ability to actively and visibly promote the AIB Affiliate Network Brand.  Quickly enhance the credibility and prestige within the medical and managed care communities.
  • Marketing Tools: access to proprietary physician and patient marketing materials (link to view sample materials available).
  • Clinical Education and Practice Management: ongoing education (online and on-campus workshops), access to current research and the latest clinical protocols.
  • Centralized Resource: for clinical training, continuing education, and practical business administration.

Types of Institutions that may Affiliate

  • Individual Practice
  • Corporations
  • Hospitals
  • Home Health
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation

The Power of the AIB Brand

AIB Affiliates receive a new brand identity, which quickly enhances credibility and prestige within the medical and managed care communities.  Affiliation is also a strategic business opportunity due to the significant possibilities for increased revenues.  Members can enjoy reduced operating costs within their practices by using many fixed diagnostic and therapy expenses, and by maintaining strategic alliances with a proprietary equipment manufacturer.

Additional Exclusive Affiliate Benefits

Business Development
You will receive assistance in the start-up planning, development, marketing and implementation of a successful balance service within your practice or facility.  Dr. Gans’ 25 years of experience in the management of freestanding, hospital and institutionally-based centers provides you with the information and expertise that you need to succeed. Fee for service.

Business Management Support
This service offers you ongoing assistance in the management of your balance center, including marketing, personnel management and billing and coding, to ensure your clinic’s success. Requires an annual contract.

On-site Consultation-Promotion-Education
Dr. Gans or another AIB senior staff member will visit your facility for consultation, promotion of your service to physicians or health plans, and educational programs for the medical or lay communities. Fee for service.

Clinical Support Services
AIB provides ongoing assistance for reviewing patient history and clinical data (VNG, VEMP, etc.).  Interpretation of test findings to assist clinicians with triage and management is also available.  Each patient receives a proprietary report using the AIB Clinical Pathway protocols. Requires an annual contract.

How do I get more information?

Please take a moment to fill out our short form on this page to inquire about becoming an AIB Affiliate.